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Software Engineer, C/C++(Alibaba Group)

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Software Engineer,C/C++(Alibaba Group)

Job description

  • Design, develop, maintain Alibaba infrastructure, such as distributed filesystem, caching system, Key/Value store, database, Linux, etc.
  • Participate the world leading distributed system design
  • Design and develop full stacks of search engine, to build a highlyreliable, highly available, and highly scalable system
  • Participate the whole life cycle of products, from requirement collection,design, development, to deployment
  • Work on valuable desktop and mobile applications
    If you are qualified toone or more of the following points:

  • Bachelor degree or above, master degree or PhD is highly preferred. Majorin Computer Science is preferred but not mandatory
  • Passionate about computer and internet technology, enjoy solving hardproblems
  • Be interested in data structure and algorithms, and enjoy ACM"accept"
  • Skill in programing in Unix/Linux/Win32 environment
  • Familiar with network and multi-threading programming, understandingTCP/IP, HTTP, etc); Experience in kernel
  • Experience in C/C++ is preferred but not mandatory if you love to takechallenge, enjoy researching, and have achievements to prove your strong learningcapability
  • Participated in academic data modeling contests or robotic competition
  • Bilingual Mandarin is preferred but not mandatory
    Hangzhou, Beijing,Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu
    Face to face, phone oronline interview.
    The Company-Alibaba Group:
    ALIBABA GROUP'S MISSION IS TO MAKE IT EASY TO DO BUSINESSANYWHERE. We provide the fundamental technology infrastructure and marketingreach to help merchants, brands and other businesses that provide products,services and digital content to leverage the power of the Internet to engagewith their users and customers. Our businesses are comprised of core commerce,cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovation initiatives andothers. Through investee affiliates, we also participate in the logistics andlocal services sectors.
    For More Information: 2017 Global Students Virtual Career Fair

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