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[其他综合] LMU心理学院招募实验参与者

发表于 12.9.2019 17:32:03 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
Hi everyone,
Iam currently looking for participants for my experiment. The experiment takesplace in Leopoldstr. 13, Munich.
Theexperiment consists of a Practice (for Session 2), Session 1 (visual searchtasks), and Session 2 (visual-tactile tasks). You give your response bystepping on the pedals(left pedal or right pedal) in the tasks.
Theexperiment takes about 1 hour 10 minutes in all. You will get 9 Euro per hourand an extra 0-3 Euro reward according to your accuracy in the tasks. Youhave to reach an accuracy above 75% in the practice session before you startSession 1 and Session 2. If you cannot reach 75% after you do the practice forthree times, we would be sorry that you could not do Session 1 and Session 2, but we will pay you for the time that you spend on thepractice.
-You are not color-blind
- You can speak English
- You age is 18-40
- You have normal or corrected-to-normal vision
- You have normal audition
Notice:If you are not eligible for the above requirements, please do notfill in the doodle. There would be chances for participating in otherexperiments in the future.
Please take one date that suits you from the Doodle below:
Pleasesign up for the experiment with both your NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS. You will getan E-Mail confirming your participation in the experiment. Please reply if youare coming.
Ifyou find you cannot come after you receive my confirmation email, please alsosend me an email at least one day in advance.
Thank you!

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