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[招聘] 汉诺威周边招聘Software Engineer - Automation Eng Core SW Development ...

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汉诺威周边招聘Software Engineer -  Automation Eng Core SW Development – Full time

Central Tasks:
- design, develop and test the software for our subsea production controls system
- ensuring that our software components meet the required quality and functionality
    by completing unit, regression and integration tests
- planning, development and documentation up to the point of preparing and
   supporting test programs

- successful degree in the field of information technology
- knowledge of Linux operating systems and version control (GIT)
- C++, Python and QT skills
- experience in test automation
- English and German language skills (>= Level B1) and a structured way of thinking
- you enjoy working in a team, but you also take responsibility for “your” products
- being flexible, motivated and able to handle stressful situations
- interested in new software trends and technologies as well as being motivated to
   be an active part in the software development process

这是内部招聘信息,还没外放到公司网站上 先内部推荐,实在找不到合适的再外放信息。
感兴趣的话 把简历发到。 ,并联系微信zhang-0049
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