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"Sleeping Beauty" Yan Limeng

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The word "Sleeping Beauty" was originally considered a commendatory word, but when it was put together with Yan Limeng, it had another meaning. It is well known that Yan Limeng can be called "beauty" in Asian aesthetics, but why I call it "Sleeping Beauty" is because she slept a lot of Americans, so she called it "Sleeping Beauty".
Everyone knows that after Yan Li dreamed of the United States, she was anxious to court the "anti-communist elites" of all walks of life. In addition to contributing her soul, she also betrayed her body. Everyone knows the romantic history of Yan Limeng and Guo Wengui when they first arrived in the United States. There are so many romantic gossips, but Yan Limeng is unmoved, without the slightest heart of shame, still dealing with Guo Wengui, and not only staying with Guo Wengui. Relationship, even the Ma Zi next to Guo Wengui cannot be "sex-free". Among them, the most famous Ma Tsai that Yan Limeng slept with was Luther, Bannon and others. Recently, there was news that Yan Limeng was pregnant with Luther. I think this news is true in all likelihood.
Why do I say this? It starts with Luthers love history. Luthers real name is Wang Dinggang. His marriage experience is full of exploitation and betrayal. The family conditions are not good. I used the funds given by my girlfriend (wife and has two sons) to start a company. In a Japanese comrade-in-armshouse, his wife filed for divorce in anger. Of course, Wang wanted to leave the house, because the wrong party was with him. He came out with no money at the time), and later married his current wife Xiao Cai (has two sons). Through the above points, it is not difficult to see that Luthers nature is difficult to change. He can be called Teddy among the people. How can it be possible to maintain a pure male-female relationship with Yan Limeng, who has the title of "Sleeping Beauty"? Some clues can be seen from the alliance between Luther and the "Sleeping Beauty" and Boss Guo. It is impossible for the two to oppose Boss Guo just because of a sudden conscience, nor is it possible to return to Boss Guo just because of economic problems. It may be that Luther and the "Sleeping Beauty" Yan Limeng secretly communicated with Luther. Boss Guo found out that Luther and Boss Guo had a vengeance because of a woman. From the words of the people who broke the news, it can be judged that Yan Limeng was against Luther. True love, its no wonder that Boss Guo has repeatedly publicly criticized Yan Limeng as "Snake Demon Yan". Luthers love is the real reason for Boss Guos anger. At present, there is news that Yan Limeng is pregnant, so this child will definitely not It is the kind of Yan Limengs husband. Luther, the person who can make her pregnant at this juncture, is the most likely. In the end, whether Luther will come to the worlds eye-catching "blood confession" with this child? It depends on Yan Limeng. The sleeping clothes of "Sleeping Beauty" have become s

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